Can metro-north accommodate more than 4000 commuters in three Yonkers stations?

The DGEIS for Alexander street states Metro-North can accommodate the new rider ship. Have they actually checked with Metro-North and asked how many new trains and new runs it would take to accommodate 4000 new commuters at two adjacent Yonkers stations on the Hudson line.

Metro-North addresses congestion pricing  today and how 3000 commuters will be easily absorbed over the large  area,  i am all for metro north, 3000 riders spread out over a large area i hope can be accommodated.

However, the current commuters that are standing the whole trip have their doubts.

what concern me is the large scale projects going up in Yonkers, Alexander street that will place 3750 residences next to the Glenwood and Yonkers train station, can metro north absorb the minimum 3500 extra commuters at two adjacent stations . The Glenwood and Yonkers train stations have just been updated. Many congestion-pricing articles state that metro-north is already overcrowded at rush hour. Within one mile of Alexander street urban renewal area are three buildings in construction near the Greystone station.  On the south east side near Larkin Plaza, chicken island, another large complex with a baseball stadium condo complex is planned. The one project that is going to be competed shortly, the Collins project,  which is adjacent to the Yonkers train station  will also add 300 commuters within the year. So more than 4000 extra metro north commuters within three adjacent stations in a 3 miles stretch on the Hudson line


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