Robert Moses archaic designs alive in Yonkers Alexander street masterplan

One of the lesser-known items that Robert Moses is associated with is the eviction of the popular canoe and rowing clubs in Manhattan The Alexander street master plan calls for the removal and relocation to undisclosed location one of the oldest continuously active canoe clubs in the USA and world . Its history goes back to 1886,  Contrary to the DGEIS attempt to paint it as a vagabond clubhouse, it is the only continuous used cultural structure on the waterfront in this urban renewal plan. It  has been in this location since the early 1930’s  and to add irony to it all, the sewage pump house with its twin  51 inch pipes that pump CSO sewage into the Hudson that  it sits adjacent to is deemed a NYS historically significant structure.  The club has been very active in the local community and has offered many public programs that have put many community children and adults on the water.  I am sure many Yonkers Riverfest goers recall the members of the yonkers clubhouse promoting its use and putting over 300 people a day on the waters at this location.

Canoe clubs belong in the downtown area, they have been the longest active users of the waterfront and they serve the community. NYC has realized that canoe clubs belong on the waterfront,  they now have built two brand  new  canoe /kayak  boathouses  and have public kayak  launch  facilities at there or four more locations on the Hudson shoreline.

Canoe clubs belong in Yonkers downtown waterfront.


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