1077Warburton ave development foundation pilings cave in, shifting foundation of adjacant private house

i haven’t seen this covered in the newspapers yet, i heard it was on the cable news. Yesterday Sunday at around 1145 am the Yonkers fire department responded to the area of Odell and Warburton. the project is called 1077 Warburton, it is listed as 71 residential units. Walking up from the Greystone train last night at around 730 pm i could See the metal plate that had been pile drive in for the foundation on the south side of the pit has shifted. The metal plates had changed from 90 degree to about 45 degrees; i guess the house stopped them from totally falling and the bottoms from popping out of the ground. Photo below

This is the second reported cave in at this site, i believe at least one construction worked was killed here at the last cave in.

I noticed the builders were just starting to put up walls on the western riverside of the building. Hopefully a independent agency will survey all the sites in this area.

If the retaining walls are caving in and falling down before the walls are up, you know that is not a good sign.

This whole neighborhood has been drastically affected by the building of the facility below St Johns Riverside hospital, the nursing home place, Michael Malotz Skilled Nursing Pavillion 120 Odell Avenue Yonkers, the water drainage onto Odell area has been drastically affected since that building went up. i have lived in the area for about 28 years and i have never seen the flooding that we experience after all these rainfalls.

the landslide caused by the construction about 1000 yards north broke the 48 inch sewage line and flooded the area with the biggest recorded sewage spill, 7 to 8 million gallon, much of it into the Hudson ,the rest permanently deposited in the wetlands next to 1085 Warburton.


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