1077 warburton remi VELOCITY building


this is the one week after photo

i just saw the rendering on the Yonkers handout at the meet the mayor meeting.

velocity is a good name for it, since it tends to cave in quite a bit.

per the mayor , they were supposed to have a report on how to fix the problem on Friday, haven’t heard anything yet. as far as i know the Bishops are unable to return to occupy their house. the major said the fire department did brace it up as well as they could to prevent further damage.

i feel really bad for the family that lives there , Bishops, they put up with so much and are so close to the pounding, the dirt from the construction i am sure they just wanted to be left alone in their house, and i really can respect and understand and applaud their decision to stay put. this is horrible turn of events for them, i know legally they probably have plenty of recourse, but they didn’t want to sell , so they shouldn’t be forced out by improper design and construction, we know if they get pushed out the project will become wider and bigger.

last week starting the fix


2 responses to “1077 warburton remi VELOCITY building

  1. Noticed there is still a stream of water coming from 1077 Warburton Velocity foundation, it has not rained in a couple days and the rest of the area was well drained. I wonder if the Odell stream runs through here. The Odell stream has increased its flow since the Malotz building was constructed. The pipe coming out at the corner of Odell and Hawley terrace was a small trickle until the Malotz building. Now it is a constant source of problems and probably is washing out the foundation of the lower buildings.
    pictures of stream and ponding going into hudson on the flicker link

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