Raised crosswalks are good for pedestrians

Woops , I wiped a whole post while trying to embed a video.

now i cant get the embedded youtube file to load and display properly , have to figure that out next week , so

here is a link to the 1 minute video raising the crosswalk

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So first let me introduce you to STREETFILMS, a site devoted to traffic calming and safer streets for pedestrians and bicyclists. I find most of Yonkers very car centric, not due to their fault, but due to the poor public transit and the spacing and non-walk ability of neighborhoods. There is some guilt though, City hall is about half mile to the Yonkers city pier; I doubt the city hall folk take public transit or walk to it. There is no shuttle and I don’t think you can take a bus easily and quickly down to the pier from city hall. Meanwhile the New York water taxi service has less of a need but it is operated and is heavily subsidized. A Getty square shuttle bus would be cheaper and serve the community. Many towns and cities have shuttles to help move people from the train station to the restaurants and attractions. Cold spring NY is a good example, a free or low priced shuttle to get people up the hill from the train. Yonkers has little car traffic, lets keep it that way and work on better public transit to move thousands of pedestrians not cars.

The SFC design with the day lighting of the Saw Mill River is distressing due to the rendering of cars parked in the new public plaza, it is a much better dining experience to do without the car and truck noise and fumes.

The 7000 plus parking spaces built on 57 above ground levels for the Alexander street master plan will create a traffic nightmare. The addition of another 2000 parking spaces in the SFC gateway development will further increase the congestion factor. When these streets are redesigned and rebuilt traffic calming techniques should be incorporated, roundabouts raised crosswalks and separated bicycle lanes. A streetcar or modern bus system should be incorporated in the design of the redevelopment area, not after the fact.

If we are spending tax dollars to subsidize a under used water taxi, they definitely can incorporate a workable public transit system to ridge hill, sprain lake park and other popular destinations.

None of these items are mentioned on the DGEIS

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