Draft and partial post of Feb 14 DGEIS comments meeting

Quick synopsis of Thursday bfeb 14 city hall public comments on the Alexander street DGEIS

I need to check which council members were in attendance . The mayor and chuck lesnick chaired the meeting. I saw Joan G and am not sure if any other councilmember’s attended. I will update this as my notebook is probably in my car and I trying to write a short piece from memory. I will update as I get correct spelling of names and retrieve more information. I arrived a couple minutes late. I heard that bob morrow from the canoe club spoke about the references in the dgeis that stated the canoe club would be moved to a new undisclosed not established location. The city and mayor said that this would be fixed and they plan on keeping the canoe club right where is , they like the service it provides to the community. I was at the mayors greet and speak last week at the library and the same question was asked and the mayor again confirmed that the DGEIS will be changed there is no plan to remove or relocate the canoe club. Roda gave some great comment on how the waterfront design and green space is inadequate, that the greenways and bikeways could and should be extended as a widest width as possible. The submitted DGEIS allows water side vehicle driveways and waterfront on street parking. All this space that can and should be used for green space and wide greenways. Roda pointed out that the greenway at the sculpture garden on the south side of the pier was designed too small for bicycle use. My comments if you go to goggle earth you can measure the space between the original building on the waterfront and the railroad tracks, there was plenty of room to place the driveway in rear of the building and use the waterfront space for to make a wider multi use greenway and park space. Battery park city is a much older design, but they knew enough to place all roadways behind the buildings, and they had plenty of space in the front for both. If you look at mansion designs on the waterfront around the world, you do not see the driveways and parking on the waterfront side, why do these designers and planners have so little respect for the public use? A man spoke about how one of the involved developers is being sued for many millions of dollars for non payment of their workers and for monies owed at their last projects, he said don’t make deal with developers already facing litigation for poor performance and building techniques. My thoughts, if buying a house in a new development if you see the builder has a poor history and has many unsatisfied customers, lawsuits and has not corrected defects and doesn’t have the money to do so, I would find another builder. He also mentioned that many of the developments that they have been involved in are collecting moths and only two waterfront developments worked out ok, providence and one in California, he mentioned that most of these waterfront developments are falling down already due to poor construction, the developers have made their money and are long gone.


I know this is true in many areas of Vancouver, Brazil, Oregon and Washington State. They used the wrong mix and the like the Boston big dig, consequences are extreme.



Excelsior manufacturing company spoke up there have been no plans to either relocate them or incorporate them to stay in the area, they are the biggest employer in the area and have been providing stabile employment for over 25 years, what is going to become of these workers and the one community business?

Terry N spoke out how the yonkers paddling and rowing club should now be classified as historical and cultural resource in the BOA. this is different than landmark status, my thoughts, in the DGEIS the drafter considered the old Beczak building a 1950’s era Quonset hut a historical and cultural resource, the yonkers canoe club is probably the oldest continues use canoe club in the united states, it has much more historical significant on the Hudson river and Yonkers than the 1950’s naval reserve building. The yonkers canoe club was established in 1886 , it was located a bit farther upriver but was relocated and rebuilt at the current location around 1935, it is the oldest historical and cultural community site in this plan. This is reinforced and highlighted at every year Riverfest. Terry n also spoke out how the new canoe launch at the JFK marina should be physically separated and far away from the jet ski and power boat launch, it is hazardous to human powered boat users to launch both at the same location, my comments yes, the existing ramp is too steep for kayak launching and is too easy to slip and fall the grade is for power boat trailer launching not hand launched boats.

Jane a Ludlow resident made some great comments on the population density this plan and the adjacent sfc plan , if completed over 10,000 people will be placed into a geographically small footprint in yonkers with inadequate resources to accommodate them, the county sewage plant may not be able to accommodate the sewage, it is already severely taxed and CSO overflows too often. My thoughts, the development in the Yonkers area in the last 10 years had caused flooding and overflowing of catch basins in areas that never were a problem before. The blacktopping of all this previous green space is causing combine sewage overflow at much lower rainfalls than previous. 10,000 additional residents in this area could cause cso every rainfall. 3752 residences in Alex street , about 2000 residences in the sfc , plus the residences in the no build projects.

A woman named Terry spoke out in favor of retaining the canoe club at is present location, even though she is not a member, she has seen their outreach to the community and believes they belong in the current downtown area.

Another man spoke up about how Henry Hudson discovery and exploration of the Hudson 500 year anniversary is coming up, he gave a great and funny narrative on how Henry Hudson ghost would be walking with Mayor Amicone and asked him what he did this was a gorgeous Hudson valley with sweeping views of the palisades, now only the people that can afford huge end condo will have the views. I will update this more latter , there are many othr statement and comments that were made that I would like to note and expand upon. This was broadcast on the cable network and hopefully is easily obtainable to review.

Another item I want to touch on which has been brought up at the Chema Community Center meeting. why is there no yonkers public TV, this will be an important tool in the coming years, it should already be established, with the current FIOS bargaining the resources should be made available to the community , this is very common in Manhattan, different neighborhoods have their own TV shows, put out by the residents, not the providers.

this is incomplete, but i wanted to post something before the weekend. many great comment from park hill area will be added


2 responses to “Draft and partial post of Feb 14 DGEIS comments meeting

  1. I know in London that whenever a new development is planned by the river planning permission for any building is dependent on the waterfront being given to pedestrians and cyclists as a right of way.
    No right of way – no development; it’s one of the few things that London has right for cyclists…

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