Alternative transportation and bicycle blueprint needs to be part of Yonkers redevelopment

There is no mention of on street separated bikeways or shared paths, An east west connection to the south county trailway must be incorporated. Bicycles and public transit are just an afterthought and are thrown in as a couple political correct words on the DGEIS traffic study.

State and federal ISTEA funds may be available for bicycle and pedestrian projects.

3.1 billion For the Alexander street master plan alone and no on street bicycle lanes or improved public transit. These developers only have their own profit in mind. The residents’ quality of life is not even a thought.

A bicycle blueprint needs to be established for Yonkers, before the city and roadways are redeveloped. The SFC plan, the one closest to reality, is car centric. Incorporating alternative transportation into the plan is the modern and sensible approach.

The rise in fuel prices and the nations desire to not be dependent on oil can be countered by real planning, not this cookie cutter 1980’s transportation design.

Properly equipped and ADA compliant streetcars and shuttle buses could reduce the need for private vehicles in the downtown business district. Ten thousand parking spaces are not the answer for the Yonkers downtown area.

Yonkers is extremely hilly and this creates additional problems, a possible solution that has already been invented, has been outlawed on state roadways by Governor Spitzer. The only reasons i can think of this is the automobile lobbyist are concerned about competition, they do not want anyone to find out how easily the Segway could replace 1 car and 90 percent of their sub 20 mile trips. The safety concerns are a red herring and bogus, 1,500 people a year in New York State are killed in MVA and many more catastrophic injured. The Segways main predator is the same as the bicyclist and pedestrians, the automobile. If people used Segways(or similar) plus zip car and rental car type concepts, the 7000 car parking spaces and 54 levels of  above ground parking garages on the Hudson on the Alexander street project could be greatly reduced.

At a construction price of $25,000 a parking space, this makes more economic and environmental sense. Visitors and shoppers would use public transit, properly designed public transit and alternative transportation is the rage in modern cities and plan 2025

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