feb 25 deadline looming for written comments

Odell and warburton,, executive blvd north warburton into Hastings  the traffic study did not  include this neighborhood.

Addition of 7000 parking spaces with JFK marina as new access road to Alexander street is going to increase traffic a tad up here. 3752 residences equal about 8000 cars, we hope a couple use the train.  400,000 square feet of mixed retail and office space will also draw a lot of car traffic . Odell is the main north corridor.  7000  57 levels of parking is  about 1.5 times Yonkers  racetrack  5000 car parking  garage , the galleria in white plains has  2,815 parking spaces .

the impact of=n the development on the train users, the normal commuters for the 4 Yonkers platforms is around 1800 a day. if there are 3752  condo townhouses/ residences adjacent to the train station,  a good portion will be using the metro-north.

congestion pricing in nyc is  going to increase metro-north ridership 30 % over the system.  That by itself is going to be rough, add another 3000 plus commuters in one mile,  i don’t see how it can be accomplished? maybe a lot of express buses.

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