waterfront designs for this public space site has great info

this is only two items onn thir site concerning waterfront designs , go to their site ,

how to turn a waterfront around

  • 7. Encourage 24-hour activity by limiting residential development

Housing does not encroach on the waterfront in Montreal, Canada

Great waterfronts are not dominated by residential development. Why? Because these are places that are full of people, day and night. They are the sites of festivals, markets, fireworks displays, concerts and other high-energy gatherings. A high concentration of residential development limits the diversity of waterfront use and creates constituencies invested in preventing 24-hour activity from flourishing.

waterfronts-gone _wrong

Mistake #6: A Process Driven by Development, Not by Community

Fast growing cities around the world, like Panama City, are quickly ceding their prime waterfront space to development.

Many waterfront planning efforts are led by “development corporations,” but when development is the primary objective, public goals and public process get left behind. As with any public space, the knowledge and desires of the community should form the framework for shaping waterfronts. When a city hands over the future of its waterfront to developers, the essential public spirit of the waterfront is compromised. Development is a necessary component of this process, but not the only point. It should fit within the community’s vision, not override it.


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