Hudson River Park – Esplanade

Hudson River Park – Esplanade

photo from flickr by by criana

this is a esplanade that is working since there are stops along it to keeps peoples interest , plenty of grass to take a nap choice of sun or shade tree. plenty of safe children play areas, with a bicycle tou can connect easily to interesting items along the way. it works fine now that the bicycle path is connected to it. As a walking path it has great views and sculpture ,wildflowers. there are a couple restaurants and coffee shops, lunch and breakfast stops within walking distance.
space for bicyclist and peds , plus green space.

i didn’t realize that before the  greenway /bike path was finished this was  like was a  gated community with only two bridges over west street to gain pedestrian access,  the bike/skate pedestrian  path really opened up the public access to this area. Robert Wagner park is one of my favorite destinations.  there are concerts and children activities,  drum circles, nyc parks dept has summer programs for kids, all real good stuff.

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