Yonkers official website discounts and ridicules council member call for audit of civil service appts

When i first read the passage in the Yonkers Tribune, I though the letter was placed on a partisan website for supporters of Yonkers seated political party.  I was dismayed  last night when, looking for information on the Alexander street  DGEIS, the headline for the official city of Yonkers website was this letter ridiculing and discounting  the junior council member for questioning and requesting an  audit of Yonkers Government  civil service hiring practices of the current administration.

“Councilmember Gronowski ‘tilting at windmills’ with recent unfounded attacks

i don’t really know too much about the recent Yonkers politics, but it looks like  the other Yonkers blogs have a lot of  truth in their postings on the improper use of  taxpayer funded  official mailings and official web site for promoting partisan party lines.

IMO is a totally inappropriate use of the official city of Yonkers web page.

the webpage has been changed since last night, they have toned down the language in the headlines, but i am sure i can find the original copy .


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