Yonkers Pier and Water Taxi where is the public transit?

while speaking of privatization of the pier , where is the public transit to the heavily subsidized water taxi?

It is traditional for water taxis to connect to ground public transit. but i guess that would put a bus stop near or on the pier and maybe interfere with the image the developers are trying to sell.

where are the closest bus stops? one half mile away? it is a land of valet parking on the pier, the public would be better served by making the valet parking area a bus stop. most livable cities guideline consider 200 feet long blocks the optimize side for walkability. from the pier it may be a 1/2 mile to the nearest bus stop

i am all for trying other means of public transportation such as water taxis, but there should be a workable public transit connection, there should be better public transit in downtown Yonkers,

i had to laugh at the metro-north site where it shows bus connections, it list the 1 T as connecting, AFAIK the nearest stop is on hudson street, about 1/2 mile away uphill.

All the buses should stop at the Yonkers train station, the plaza was built for bus connections , it is ridiculous and insulting that the people that are doing the right thing by taking public transit to the train are punished by dropping them off or picking them up blocks away. meanwhile the private car people have full curb side access. This is marginalization of the bus people, the same with the pier , there should be bus stop not a valet parking spot on the public space. if your going to do the unthinkable and put a road through the public space on the pier , it should serve the public, not the private interests .


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