yonkers mayor and police deny first amendment rights

This is the kind of stuff you cant make up, one would think they are talking about a hick town someplace in small town USA in 1978

Federal judge finds Yonkers violated weekly newspaper’s First Amendment rights

journal news

The reality that these first amendment violations were done at the mayors direction and the police blindly followed speaks volumes on how poor and bullying the city government is.  I am seeing  smoke and mirrors and a  puppet show. Yonkers hasn’t made any headway in its politics, the developers are running the game, Don’t let the great personality fool you. In this market if anyone starts building it is not their money they are gambling, it is Yonkers taxpayers money, and it is a losing dice roll.

The kool-aid is warm and bitter, it has gone bad and is time to throw it out.

we need a whole new batch.


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