Crosswalks ignored at Warburton and Odell Avenue

The sign that was placed in the middle of the crosswalk at Warburton and Odell has disappeared. The cars are ignoring pedestrians in the crosswalks. First, these signs need to replaced. I have written to Yonkers problem solver, I recommend others do the same. city of yonkers problem solver .

The intersection of Odell and Warburton needs some modern traffic calming, as the amount of children gather at the crosswalks and pedestrian traffic increases, the speed of traffic is also increasing. There are modern traffic calming techniques that should be utilized at this intersection such as a curb bulb out and bollard at the southeast corner of Warburton and Odell Avenue, these would decrease the speed of the right turning vehicle therefore enabling people to use the bus stop safely or stand on the corner without chance of being run over. The sidewalk here shows ample evidence on vehicles cutting the corner too close and driving on the sidewalk. The crosswalks should also be raised as a speed hump. This also causes vehicles to slow down and will not interfere with emergency vehicles, the Yonkers fire district ends in 400 yards so time will not be lost and no emergency vehicle can safely make the right hand turn at high speed, regardless of emergency.


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