join in

i started this blog as an aid to communicate in the building so please leave comments.
As always keep them civil.
Part of being a good neighbor is respecting your downstairs neighbor and side neighbor as best as possible.
sometimes we don’t realize how far our sounds travel,i didn’t.
throw rugs and runners can really help quiet the place down.
myself i am looking at modular carpeting for my bedroom, i only need the carpeting on the circumference of the bed since that is the only area i walk.

3 responses to “join in

  1. Nice concept. Hopefully more will join in. I’ve only been in the building for less than a year actually, but everyone seems friendly enough. But did I hear gunshots outside for several minutes last night? What’s that about? Has this happened around here often?

  2. gunshots? which night and what time, i though i heard some within the last week, i think around 6pm.i was hoping they were down the street at glenwood. i am not sure how close they were.everyone is friendly true, but the neighborhood itself has no seems there has been a huge number of car break ins on warburton and odell , however i had never heard the problem was that big.i had asked a couple years ago about the car break in rate since i saw the broken glass on the street, but the response was nil,turns out it has remained a huge problem.we had car break in in this building almost weekly for a long period of time, so we need to be aware

  3. i checked a journal i keep and at 1255am a couple nights ago i did hear always it is best to call the police to report to be on the safe side.i usually call the police direct since when we call 911 from here i usually end up with a new jersey operator on the other side of the Palisades and there is confusion since they have no idea what street i am taking about. they than transfer me to Yonkers pd(914) 377-7900

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