welcome to one hawley terrace

i have lived in this building for about 28 years and i have never seen this level of non communication and lack of neighbor mingling.
i am not sure what is the cause but hopefully this blog will open up some communication from neighbors.
i am a big believer in crowd sourcing and using the internet to learn and communicate.
As a person who has spent too many days incapacitated and recovering from surgeries, i know how fortunate i am that i was able to start communicating via the Internet in 1995 .
i have been trying to spend more time outside on the terrace to meet my neighbors and find out what has been going on in the building.
not everything i have heard has been positive, but i hope with more open communication these things can change around for the better.
i hope i don’t eat my words!


2 responses to “welcome to one hawley terrace

  1. Thank you for taking the effort to get us all together. Many of the other buildings in the neighborhood have board members or committees that organize events. Maybe one of our board members could do something like that. I am not sure what some of them are responsible for….

  2. hi pretty, thank you for your comments.it doesnt take a board member to organize or form a committee,anyone can organize anything in the building or neighborhood.Years back we did have a couple meet your neighbor type gatherings on the terrace.as the residents that were the organizers moved out the organized get togethers ended. i wish more people would use the terrace to mingle, it is such a nice spot and a lot of money went into resurfacing it, it used to be a ugly green asphalt.The tiles look so much better.The greenspace across the street by the statue extends to the corner of harriman avenue, i was commenting to a couple neighbors the other night how that park by the statue would also be a nice building or neighborhood gathering place. it is an unused park, that has literally gone to the dogs.it could easily be reclaimed

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