greystone neighborhood meeting tuesday 16 sept

this was posted on one of the other neighborhood Internet boards.
i have appts that day and doubt i will be back in time to make the meeting . i encourage resident to attend, there is a lot going on here that many are unaware of. The 1Hawley terrace board has been dead quiet and ignored all the recent issues affecting our community and neighborhood
River Communities Coalition of Yonkers

Warburton Ave. Update

With summer nearly over and fall upon us City Hall has again picked up on a few of the many open items and issues along Warburton Ave. Below are some of the highlights:

First – after a flurry of emails and phone calls the City Council voted unanimously to move forward on the community’s zoning proposal for Upper Warburton Ave. (to go from hi-rise to garden apartments) and the next step will be a public hearing at City Hall on Tuesday, October 14th – so save the date and make plans to attend.

Next – was a preliminary proposal for a 43 unit townhouse style development to replace the homes located at 1171, 1175 and 1189 Warburton Ave. The developer has expressed an interest in being a good neighbor and in that vain put forth a project that in many ways reflects the standards of the MG zone while retaining the right to utilize some of the A zone standards.

And – REMI Development’s principal, Eric Kaiser, (owner of the pit at 1077 Warburton Ave.) appeared briefly before the planning board this week – he was unprepared to address the issues at hand and will have to return at a later date.

Next RCCY Meeting

Lastly – there’s so much going on in our area – way too complex for an email – so to catch up on things & coordinate our next steps we’ll be having our next RCCY meeting this Tuesday, September 16th at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Audra Moran & Joe Sampino located at 26 Odell Ave. Active residents are the key to a better Greystone – so join us Tuesday and we’ll get things done!

Thank you,

Mike Hertz
RCCY Member


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