jott a free cell phone message service that can improve safety in the building and neighborhood

Jott was a great free beta service, it ended its beta and it is now a fee based service.
however there is still a free Jott that may work out for many as a reminder and memo service.
i thought the free jott had an add to group or contact portion the same as the free beta did. Too bad it doesn’t, it would have worked as a good free tool for building and neighborhood.
the jott contact feature would have been great to help building safety.
fro instance if i was going out and saw the garage door was stuck open, i could call jott contacts and leave a message Warburton door stuck open, any resident that was in my hawley terrace group of contacts would get that info in a text message or email. If 6 people were in my contacts all 6 would get it, if 20 people all would get it. i am sure one of these people would be home and be able to help correct the problem in real time. if they couldn’t correct it they could at least take better security measure until it was fixed.
first i recommend getting a “grand central number” another service that is in beta, acquired by goggle .
Grand central is a great free service, where you sign up and it gived you a free phone number in an area code and area you request.
this phone number you give out to anyone that you are worried about security and confidentiality. works great for giving out to businesses or when you sign up for something, it has a anti voice spam feature.
you set up via the computer your grand central number to ring your cell phone and /or land line. You can set it up so that it rings both numbers.
my cell phone loses signal alot in my apartment, so the grand central number rings both at the same time.
it really is a great service, take it from a retired telco geek.
you use your grand central number to use with the jott service if you are worried about giving out your home number or cell number.


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