what color will the new stairs be?

graffiti white,the way they are now, or brick colored to match the building?


One response to “what color will the new stairs be?

  1. th statement that the new stairs should match the brick facade of the building is purely my aesthetics.i had hear a rumor that the stairs were possibly going to be kept the white color they are now. IMO that would not match the building and look pretty crappy. when we used to do anything major concerning the building appearance it used to be known and discussed and not a one person or board only input and decision.the shareholders were asked for their input. that is how the wallpaper and elevator and new terrace tiles were chosen. fortunately good decisions were made in the past. sometime people thought of reasons why certain colors or designs are better than others as far as showing dirt or attracting graffiti and requiring more maintenance.i am amazed that the big white wall coming up the Harriman avenue to Warburton staircase has remained graffiti free. i think that would be a good place to put a student mural and the whole hillside could be resigned as a wildflower meadow, but that is for another blog entry.click on the comments envelop to leave a comment on any blog posting.

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