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One of the reasons i have tried to stay away from the board for the last fifteen years is i tend to get involved in things and do not do a half-arsed job.
i would rather leave the co-op building management to the new younger and more energetic shareholders, however for some reason very few have expressed interest, and more disturbing, the ones that have expressed interest have somehow been kept off the board.
Luckily that has changed with a unexpected opening and the volunteering of one of out shareholders.
His volunteering to serve with a dysfunctional board that has intolerable personalities on it that have already caused the resignation of very good board members. These same personalities has caused good people to not volunteer for the board.
The board is a non paying function and pia function, but we need good people that are going to be fair and look out for the shareholders and not just take care of themselves.
i have experience as a prior board member and also know the proper procedure and what board members and shareholders are entitled to.
My understanding is that some board members have been improperly refused information and improperly being kept in the dark concerning the board and building activity’s.
As a prior board member i know that a board member is entitled to review every record, minutes, receipt, purchase agreement and t every financial from co-op incorporation to present.
They can also include themselves on co-op buyer interviews and make sure that the persons being interviewed are the only ones that are going to reside in the apartment.
on Sept 3, 2008 i faxed a letter to the board of directors via the managing agent at barhite and holzinger. This letter was concerning improper assignment by board members extra parking spaces for their family members over waiting shareholders. It also was directed at number of problems with a particular board member. Their conduct was so intolerable and unprofessional that i knew i had to act before our building became the subject of a lawsuit and even more probable and possible, another good board member would resign.
i have since found out that as October the board members were not informed of or giving a copy of this letter by the board president.
i have been finding out more and more how little information is shared with board members by the co-op president, for him to not inform other board members is well beyond good judgment.
the cover story for the board president is that he was planning on discussing it at the next meeting. this is a pure stalling tactic.
Board members should have the opportunity to interview and research before the meeting, otherwise they are getting a one sided view.
i faxed over another letter the boards abuse of the parking rules and failure to correct. The presidents and garage manager assignment of 3 spots for their family, two upstairs. the garage rules are posted in this blog a couple pages back.
myself and other prior board members and garage managers have confronted them about this, but they continue to take extra for their family at the expense of the rightful shareholders.
i also followed up on the removal of the board member for cause. This persons intolerable behavior is so far off the charts that no way no how should they be in any managerial or board function concerning the running of One Hawley terrace.
i requested this be done quietly and move on, but over 45 days have gone by and no action has been taking. i did speak to the board president on sept 4, 2008 and he strongly disagreed with my assessment of the problem.
Now i strongly question the judgment and motives of the board president and the ability to make proper decisions. Seems trying to stack the voting and keep power within the family is much more important than having a properly functioning board.


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