independent shareholders meeting to discuss the co-op

a couple of shareholders are going to have a meeting to discuss the goings on at our co-op. The date is to be announced. We will do it informally , if we pick a nice weekend we can meet outside on the terrace, if we meet in the evening we can meet downstairs in the lobby.
This meeting is not being organized by the board of directors of the building .
This meeting is being put together by a couple shareholders that see things are not being run well due to a too controlling board hierarchy .
There is very little if any communication in this building.
some of the board members would like to continue that and keep the shareholders in the dark.
the shareholders need to take some ownership of this building and realize if they don’t speak up they will get nothing. More likely they will be screwed by their neighbor and board members.
as far as i i am concerned the recent elections of board members was a farce, the board president did not release damaging information to his reelection bid until after the elections were carried out at the annual meeting.
the information on the budget accounting error should have been made known to the other board members and shareholders when it was discovered.
the concealment of this error was a violation of the fiduciary duties if the board president.


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