the managing agent will be asking the board for their holiday tips soon

one of the items i tried to stop when i was on the board was the tipping of the managing agents, i hear that it has even gotten worse where the managing agent has tried to get tips for their staff that handles the mailing and billing. the co-op pays for these services ,
i believe the board declined the request to tip the administration staff at b and h , maybe that is why the mailing this year have been going out late and there have been a lot of problems with maintenance bills and bookkeeping.
the super does extra work outside their contract for the building and should be tipped.
the managing agent doesn’t even do the job they are paid to do , no way should they be tipped, this is not directed specifically at the current managing agent , but all the manging agents.
i member when i was on the board the managing agent at the time had the audacity to send A memo to the board requesting a tip and specifying what amount it should be.
managing agents should not be tipped, let your voices be heard, it is your maintenance monies.


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