board president is not in business with owner of managing company per john H of B&H

modified posting headline to update the information i have received from john H that he doesn not have any business dealings with Mike F.
In my simple mind when a boardmember of a newly formed bank solicts someone to invest in their bank, it is a business dealing. Per john H letter, he has no business dealing with the board president. I use the word solict, because that is the terminolgy and word the board president used in the annaul meeting.

originail post= in case you didn’t know. i didn’t know until recently. Our board president has some kind of business relationship with John F. Holzinger Jr.
i don’t know how long this has been going on, but i have problems with it.
i believe this was first divulged to the board members when they refinanced using John F. Holzinger Jr Bank. I think out president is a big investor in this bank.
This Bank IMO has political issues that are contrary to our neighborhood.
The Bank is a big supporter of the project on Alexander street and JFK marina.
This project would be a disaster for our neighborhood.
i always wondered why no one from our co-op board was at the meetings at city hall concerning the alex street master plan.
our building has a conflict of interest with the company we pay.


One response to “board president is not in business with owner of managing company per john H of B&H

  1. update , john h hasa written me and states that he is not in business with nor has he ever been in business with mike foley.The phrase Mike f used during the 2009 annual meeting, was that he was solicted by john H to invest in the newly formed bank that john H is on the board of directors of.They state that there is nothing wrong with that. I had asked during the annual meeting whaty other members of the board aqre also investors in this bank that John H is on the board of directors.i have never received a reply, nor was that in the 2009 annual meeting miniutes.quite a bit of pertinetn stuff was not in the 2009 annual meeting minutes, and the official structure of the minutes was severly flawed and biased. i have noticed a biased pattern in the last three years minutes and will follow up with a post on that later. i havent updated this blog or looked at it for months, due to problems assocated with my injury.

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