conduct of board president at annual meeting


One Hawley Terrace Co-Op Board

Subject: unprofessional conduct, Harassment, 6th grade attempt at browbeating and totally inappropriate verbal abuse and verbal attacks directed at me from board president Mike f 
I asked perfectly appropriate questions during this years annual meeting, some of the questions and statement I made concerned the error I noticed in the written minutes of the 2008 meeting, board members business relationships with John Holzing, and a question on the laundry room contract. I am a shareholder who has resided in this building, before it became a co-op and am a previous board member.

I consider Mike F non-disclosed business relationship with John ha conflict of interest and want to know when this relationship began. I also want to know if any other board members are involved, a few were not present at this meeting . I have always wondered why Mike F praises B and H at these annual meetings while I see evidence of failure to perform basic manager agent functions, such as the recent roof-encapsulating project that the shareholders were accessed. I am sure this gross negligence is adding to the elevator repair bill.

I stand my statement of the incorrect distributed minutes from the 20008 meeting. In spite of mike Fs verbal browbeating and his 6th grade attempts to bully and harass me, I wasn’t embarrassed, i have a medical condition related to my disability where I react to the heat and my face flushes at above 70 degrees when I am perfectly calm. I was unprepared for the 6th grade attacks; however that will not happen again, I promise to read up on juvenile macho behavior and people that try to bully and create divisions in a community.

I also note for the record that I had written the board this summer over a couple of incidents with June K, Mike F’s mother in law. Requesting to have her removed from the board for her unethical behavior, she fabricated complaints in my name to my garage neighbors, trying to create divisions between us. She also used homophobic and racist comments when referring to a previous board member and people in the neighborhood. It looks like the family uses the same playbook.

I want to build a community and a proper function co-op, no more of these senior board members violating written garage policy and skipping the rightful shareholders and assigning the garage spots to their family and friends.

 I also note that Mike F skipped the shareholders annual meeting function of the reading and accepting of last years 2008 minutes. The annual meeting shareholder template is very precise in order of events and Mike F is an expert at conducting meetings having done so for over 30 years. The accepting of the previous year minutes takes pace at the very beginning of the meeting after the quorum has been reached and officially noted.  Since mike F totally skipped that requirement, much latter in the meeting when it was opened up to the floor i brought up my protest to last years written minutes.  I also wish to note for the record that i did see a tape recorder on the table in front of rich P recording the 2008 minutes, however last night rich stated that he never taped last years minutes and never tapes the minutes.  i will check with other co-ops. Including those managed by B and Ho and see if this is the industry standard.

The $27,000 error, which was disclosed at the 2008 annual shareholders meeting, is still not resolved. I am still not convinced proper transparency to the other board members and shareholders were followed.
 I asked Mike F at the 2009 meeting when this error was discovered; he stated he discovered it approximately a week before the 2008 annual meeting, which would place his discovery in the June 2008 time frame.
He stated he, himself discovered it at this time.  This issue is not closed and I will continue to look into it.



One response to “conduct of board president at annual meeting

  1. almost 4 months later , i received a letter back from the board concerning my letter about the annual meeting, the board said they found "NO MERIT",and of course like all the letters i had written to the board, not one attempt by any board member to contact me and ask one question. i believe 3 board members were absent at the meeting.Next year i will record the meeting,i guess when the vice president went off into how the Jewish People don't do things like everybody else, in the 2008 annual meeting, the tapes became non existent. I will follow up with a post on how flawed the meeting minutes were.

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