how many apartments are shareholder owner occupied

the number of apartments in our building that are owner occupied has gone to a level that is precarious to our investement.
However our board president stated that the number of apartments that is owner occupied is high? he doesn’t tell half the true story. The board president has been manipulating everthing he can get his hands on and the shareholders have to wake up and stop this junior Madoff scheme and take back this building.
owner occupied means exactly that.
Most of the recent sales have been in violation of the proprietary lease to parents that are having the kids or grandkids occupy the apartments. This is because the board has not been doing their job, that is it plane and simple.The building manger doesn’t have a clue to what the laws are concerning co-ops or what the building house rules are, why are we paying and tipping these people?
Probably because of the business relationship/conflict of interest with the co-op president and john h.
one of the board members stated at the meeting said that she will not give out her email or her phone number, she doesn’t think that shareholders should contact her.
In reality any shareholder can call her or knock on her door for any building business.


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