one board member has always shown that he was trying to do the best for the building

i didn’t specifically mention this before, however there is one board member that i have had conversations with concerning the running and problems we faced as owners of this co-op.
if they all were like him i would never have started this blog, There definitely wouldn’t be these problems. There is also another new board member that i think will work out ok too.
I still need to post the list of items missing from the annual meeting minutes.

i requested that the shareholders be provided the contact information of the board members. put it on the frequent memos we receive, or at least include it on the budget or annual correspondence.
One board member stated she didn’t want that information made public, the rest were mute.
we always had the contact informqtion of all board members, back in the day when there was transparency.
i am sure most of the resident shareholders don’t know that one of the board members is not a shareholder and has never lived in the building.
The president doesn’t live in the building, but i think most shareholders know that.

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