Treasurer of Mt. Vernon co-op complex charged with stealing $180G | | The Journal News

Treasurer of Mt. Vernon co-op complex charged with stealing $180G | | The Journal News

THESE Types of frauds and thefts have been getting exposed with the dump of the economy. Rockland county co-op also had a treasurer theft.

These thefts can happen when a solo board member or a team of senior controlling BOD (board of directors) takes control of everything and doesn’t pass on all information received to the other board members in a timely manner, meaning within the week received. not at the next board meeting, which in our co-op could be months away. The Board members that allow this to go on are not performing their board duties.
i have documented and written the BOD not doing their fiduciary responsibility a couple times.
The 27,000k budget zero drop may be one instance , The president of the BOD refuses to state when this problem was discovered. I asked this question again. at last years, 2009 annual meeting. The answer i received was a sarcastic That evening. The fiscal year ends in feb i believe, need to check on that, but is is not december and it is early in the year. The board meeting was in June, I asked one board member when they were told about the budget error, they said within about a week of the annual meeting. The error had to have been discovered by the end of the fiscal year , most like much sooner. Why this was not relayed to the other board members is a matter of concern. The board members themselves should have made known that they are to be informed of all board business within a week, if not the dame day.
I have written the BOD concerning their lack of fiduciary responsibility and the Inside dealing concerning the assignment of parking spaces, i get back a answer that they are doing everything correct.
At least i have laid the ground work for liability , and i doubt the BOD are indemnified in these actions.


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