security problems 1 hawley terrace

i I came in on the 27th and found the hawley terrace door left top lock lever in the open position. When i was using my key i realized the left door felt loose. i checked and someone had opened the top lock, this way they could jimmy the solenoid lock. You can see by the scrapes on the door, by the lock and the missing screws in the lock, that this is all preplanned for easy illegal entry. i checked the patio door and they were ok, the lever locks were in the locked position.
Tonight aug 31, came in after a walk around 9pm and the patio top lever was opened. this woulds make it easy to jimmy the lock.
security along with maintenance is extremely lacking, I hope that when the shareholders get their maintenance increase they realize that the board gave the manging company a raise this year. If you look back on the pictures i have posted here, The pot holes in the garage and in the areas where people walk were not fixed for about a year, some were reported to barhite and holzinger, the managing company twice. This is a easily grounds for a lawsuit , if there is a trip and fall. the good news is , if the problem was pointed out to the board and managing agent, their protection under the boards indemnity insurance, may become null and void, and they will be responsible , the old lack of due diligence again. it is a shame that the few shareholders left , about 60%, not the 80% it is supposed to be let themselves be walked over and have they investment ruined by these people.
these are sheep going to slaughter, unless they fax letters and demand board of directors contact info, they are doing nothing .
Nothing was mentioned in the annual minutes about the illegal change to the method of voting for board members.
There is a free magazine called the cooperator, and it has an on- line section. There is also a web presence called the Habitat, it is all about nys co-op laws. The new york times has a co-op q & a section. i believe my letters and questions concerning this building have been in all , with all opinions favoring my position . Read and Learn
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