managing agent constantly gives fraudulent statements to the board and shareholders, why do they keep this managing company? is it some connection that we don’t know about?

i remember last year annual meeting when i handed over a copy of the case law concerning occupancy of the apartment.  i stated that out co op  was around 50% owner occupied and that our proprietary lease stated AND. The managing agent said it stated OR, i corrected him and said it stated  AND

i Just found out that he also told the board of directors that it stated OUR and we couldn’t get rid of certain people living in the apartment without the shareholder.
The board of directors are not covered by indemnity insurance  it falls under their not doing due diligence, self dealing, not stopping self dealing when it is made aware to them or they know about it,  and Failing in their fiduciary responsibilities.
I have paperwork, my faxes ,  that covers all of the above and also includes the managing company.

14.  The Lessee shall not, without the written      Use of consent of the Lessor on such conditions as Lessor      Premises may prescribe, occupy or use the apartment or
permit the same or any part thereof to be occupied or used for any purpose other than as a private dwelling for the Lessee(s) and members of the Lessee’s family, but no unit may be occupied by more than one family at a time without the written consent of Lessor. As used herein, members of the family shall include spouse, parents, children, parents in law, brothers, sisters, grandchildren or no more than three persons unrelated by blood or marriage.  The term “spouse” as used herein shall also include -a member of the same or opposite sex with whom the Lessor actually resides.  In addition to the foregoing, the apartment may be occupied from time to time by guests of the Lessee for a period of time not exceeding one month, unless a longer period is approved in writing by the Lessor, but no guests may occupy the apartment unless one or more of the permitted adult residents are then in occupancy or unless consented to in writing by the Lessor.


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