Typical Hawley Terrace coop board, Installs new security cameras on ouside of building ( which shareholders pay for) basically on all the exterior walls, without informing the residents either before or after the install.

The few  board members that live in the building  has made sure that they cannot be contacted unless you knock on their doors. They refuse to provide their contact information, except for the micro controlling president who hasn’t lived in the building in seven plus years. who want to vet everything before other board members see it, and change anything or omit things he doesn’t like. The one board member that has provided contact information is a participant in fraud , so i don’t bother with people like that , as i do not bother with the president who is involved in many self dealing activities that harm the shareholders and the resale value of the apartments.   I have repeatedly asked for the treasurer contact information, and have been given fraudulent information at the annual meetings, while every board member sits there including the treasure and says nothing.  They all know he has never lived in the building , and he should never have been allowed to purchase his two apartment for his children and buy two places on the board at the same time.
I wonder if the art work that is on our walls is a tax right off , or the building actually pays him for it.
Since the coop  managing company and president with the spineless board blessing by their refusal to open their mouths and realize that it only hurts the coop when in becomes known that their is no oversight of the finances.  In 1998 after the NYC DA had a large arrest of managing agents and contractors involving kickbacks , a  strategy for board members to prevent this from happening again  was provided. It involves oversight of all financial matters by all board members , and rotation of checks and balances, with nothing over a small fee being approved without at least three signatures of board members.  There is a two page outline of what the board should do to prevent the pilfering of the buildings funds.  This was in 1998 and it is actually much more involved now.  Our board members didn’t even know the name of the new  bank that our maintenance t monies were being sent to.  The  Deposit slip had a PO Box in Long Island, no Bank Name.   It may still be that way. Something else to check into.
The Board has run this coop into the ground with their non action and allowing a 30 yard dumpster to stay on premise for about 30 days, when 3 days max was all that was needed. It was filled with bags of leaves, not with items the building was trying to get rid of.  The dumpster should be paid for by the president of the coop , since the dumpster was to clean out the storage room for about the third time, except this time since he has moved and left his stuff  and behind he hired a dumpster to remove many of his items at the shareholders expense. I questioned his self dealing concerning his family’s  commandeering of 80% of the storage room.  I informed him that it amounted to self dealing, something the president has been doing non stop for well over 10 years.  He stated four times which i have recorded , that he WILL self deal.
Who is going to buy an apartment to live in , where the president is stating he will self deal at annual meetings and verbally  bullying other shareholders so they will not attend any more meetings.
 In 2011 i wrote up his self dealing with regard to his family parking  spaces and skipping over many of the shareholders, some with 15 plus years.
He hasn’t stopped, but the paperwork i have trumps the BS he was spewing.  Any shareholder that parks in the lower level, has been skipped by self dealing , they just have to let me know, so a paper trail can be initiated and action taking. I have the parking regulations posted in this blog, and despite some incredibly stupid  board members, nothing becomes outdated. Everything requires a vote , and items in the by-laws , which the parking is,  requires a super majority vote, plus it also has to be voted for a change in the proprietary lease.
Until the few shareholders that are left in this building , get together to take some action, the prices will continue to plummet. I hear a nice 2 bedroom with rive views is available in the  $138,000 range.


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