2011 Audited financial report never received by resident shareholders of 1 Hawley Terrace co-op apartment nor the 2012

The audited financial reports should have been received by  March of the next year. The 2011 should have been received by March 2012.  The 2012 should have been received by March  2013. These time frames are written into the proprietary lease. Every shareholder that i saw and asked,there are not many left as the board and managing company is turning this co-op back into a rental said they had not received them. One person who is not familiar with all these reports was not sure. If  anyone has received them  i would really like to see it and see the 
postmark. This is not the tax filing forms that we did receive stating the real estate taxes and interest in shares.

So in a nutshell, the Treasurer has been fraudulently stating that he lives in the building,  and never has,nor should he have been allowed to buy two apartments and not occupy them. this is over 10 years post conversion. He did some self dealing to skip shareholders waiting 10 plus years for a upstairs parking space for his daughter..
the FULL board is aware of this fraud,  I have brought this up at the annual meetings. The treasure refuses to provide his true contact info , and remains unreachable.

One response to “2011 Audited financial report never received by resident shareholders of 1 Hawley Terrace co-op apartment nor the 2012

  1. actually this year, he was able to contact me, after the meeting in which the president failed to have the police remove me, and failed when the police , whom his family called, told me i had to leave the meeting, in which i responded, no, i will not leave the meeting, i stated this is my property, this is my common area, this is my annual meeting, The police backed down as they found out they had no right to interfere. The police stayed and continued to try to get me to be orderly, but , considering the damage the board had done by their self dealing, secret, unwritten change to the co-ops house rules to allow an activity that had been against the house rules since the building was built, and also put us , as a co-op in a position to lose our insurance which would cause us to lose our mortgage and leave us in a very dangerous state, the board totally refused to do their Fiduciary Duty to the building and in fact did exactly the opposite..
    The treasury provided his email address, but his home address is what is required. I may need to subpoena you.
    , He also is clueless on his duties, and never bothered to research what they are. This goes for the whole board, because they all are responsible to safeguard the shareholders coops money. They think they are not responsible, They have never done any due diligence concerning any of my self dealing complaints.
    i will post a recent article on what the board members should be doing to safeguard our money, and i will mail it to them also.I doubt they have the intestinal fortitude to do their duties to the shareholders.

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