I live at 1 Hawley Terrace , A Cooperative apartment that is a carbon copy of Yonkers,  Where nothing is on the level.   The BOD  whose primary members were  put in place by  backroom deals  with  the  managing company. This Board has way too many members beholden to the management  and who show zero fiduciary responsibilities to the cooperative apartment and  do not want any input from the shareholders. They operate like they are the only input they entertain is from the  management company. They refuse to perform  due diligence , despite my repeated attempts to get them to read the cooperative magazines and website. The implementation a couple years ago of a credit card only laundry debit card machine  is a classic example of the Board changing equipment without getting any feedback from the shareholders.   The Possibility of identity theft , credit card fraud  outweighs any benefit. Amazingly, the owner of the management company “John Holzinger” is on the board of directors of The Westchester Bank.  We also have received our last 2 , maybe 3 mortgages from the same Bank, and the president of the coop, who did all the legwork for the mortgages , is an investor in same bank. I inquired if this was a conflict of interest in the cooperator magazine , my question was printed in the monthly print  edition, the  answer from a large NYC law firm stating it was indeed a conflict of interest.


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