How the cooperative apartment of 1 Hawley Terrace in Yonkers, NY was Hijacked

1 Hawley Terrace , A Cooperative apartment that is a carbon copy of Yonkers, nothing is on the level.  A board of directors (BOD )  that has  interbred with the managing company, and does not represent the shareholders of 1 hawley terrace.   It has not represented the shareholders since the Grifter family snuck in when  (play inbreeding music) the managing company appointed the election inspector.  The newly appointed election inspector just happened to be the daughter of the person running for the board that year in a  very hot emotional election.  No conflict of interest right?   This started the inbreeding  of the Board and Barhite and Holzinger  AKA the  management company/ OG (Original Gangster, white boy style) sponsor/cash cow owner.

Speaking of OG white boy style, I am sure that all the cooperatives that  are in the nicer neighborhoods  of bronxville and scarsdale ,eastchester even though managed by the same company, and having the same boiler plate  proprietary lease and by-laws.  I am sure that a gang of thieves, disguised as corporation  lawyers , appeared at their  annual meetings and the shareholders  were  told that NYS  had changed the  laws regarding  cooperative apartment voting .

In the West side of Yonkers, where all the discrimination cases originated, it would be a real Headline item , if , again , the west side of yonkers residents were fed fraudulent information by the sponsor of the cooperative apartment conversion.


This gang of thieves said  NYS had changed the voting law , and that we could no longer combine our votes or split our votes. I believe our original process was  called cummulative voting.  This was the  method that we had used since the first election  about 15 years previous.

I wonder how many other cooperative apartments that Barhite and Holzinger  manages , and there are a lot of them,  How many  did they pull this charade act on? They knew we had no lawyers or professional types that would be smart enough to challenge them and ask for the  NYS information and check everything out. It was bringing lambs to the slaughter.

The inbred members of the BOD would make everything seem like it was on the up and up. They were in on the charade.

The BOD  President , who was on the board at this time , his wife was the election inspector. The grifter family, now bred with the managing company

When i brought up the illegal  voting change at the  2012 annual meeting < he said there has never been a change to the voting , and he has no idea on what i am talking about.

I have since figured out part of the  scam , i know there is a lot more to be uncovered.


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