Conflict of Interest? Where are the Numbers, Where is the Fiduciary duty? 1 hawley terrace yonkers

I have to go through my piles of paperwork , i believe when we received the memo that the mortgage was refinanced for 10 years and the then president was resigning, the same president was an investor in same mortgage bank . Also owner of managing company for cooperative apartment is on the board of the same mortgaging bank “The Westchester Bank”. This is the 3rd mortgage in a row , i believe ,from this bank , 3 annual meetings ago i called this a conflict of interest,especially since we never received a written report of the loan rates by competing banks., That would be the only way we could look at everything in the same light. However they do not want us to look at anything.

In this mortgage memo I do not believe we received any of the finance rate information nor the full closing cost and prepayment penalties. I also believe we had over a year left on our current mortgage , with a large prepayment penalty.

This board, the cooperatives apartment board has a couple of members that are beholden to the management company.


Does Barhite and Holzinger give such limited info on the buildings mortgage to the Bronxville,NY or Scarsdale, NY cooperative apartments ?
I also doubt that Bronxville, NY and Scarsdale cooperative apartment are owner occupied by under 50% yet sold at 90% owner occupied.

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