where are the coop shareowner lawyers? there are none! this is how coop boards and managing company’s act

reality is the boards and manging companies commit fraud, wide scale, on all levels, and even when they are reported, the AG the DA refuse to do anything.
This coop which was taking over by a grifter family, this happen, since there is zero state oversight.
they have been telling buyers the building was 90% owner occupied, in reality it was lower than 60%. I had my letter concerning this posted in the NY times co-op Q&A, the white shoe law firm lawyer that answered it, said this was c and i should contact the local DA office. I did , the Westchester DA said they didn’t handle that kind of stuff , i guess they don’t handle mortgage fraud?
So reality is these people lie to you, commit fraud and there is not one state agency that will do a damn thing.
the coop refuses me the right to inspect the financial, it in the proprietary lease, the attorney general said they don’t get involved, hire a lawyer, the lawyers want over %000 with they say no chance of getting your money back.
the vice president has been claiming a apartment was unsold shares for over 25 years, , yet i know it is not unsold shares and we are owed rent on it , , the managing company is in conspiracy with these thieves.
complain about this grifter board self dealing, i get false parking tickets from a vehicle that had its plates and reg turned in 2 years prior, the coop had the car info , and i got my car insurance mailed to a different address and the start of id theft. these are your board presidents.


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