$600 raises for the managing company for the last 3 years

i didnt get a chance to go further back than the 3 years m but it looked like the BOD gave the managing company a 60 raise every year for the last three years. this was the time period from the $27,000 zero drop mistake that was never explained to my satisfaction.
IMO the only way that you can drop a zero when the numbers are pretty consistent is to farm the work out.
if you ran 5k’s and someone told you their friend was running a 50k this weekend, you knew they really were running a 5k. if you were a deep-wreck diver like i was, and someone said that they were diving a 1000ft wreck, or said in the paper that scuba divers were dong a 1000ft wreck, you knew that whoever edited it wrote the article added a zero and meant 100 ft. once you are in the testing and use of numbers fields you know when there is an added or missing zero.
next i will highlight the pictures of the garbage work that out managing company oerformed or eve when told of a condition , 6 months later the trip and fall hazard was stil there