the gay bias remarks

a whole separate category is needed for the gay bias remarks by board-members, and this goes deeper than one board member.
Hopefully someone will step up and substantiate other things i have heard
The infamous 2F referral
the recent incident where the board member referred to another shareholder and previous board member as, ” those those two, whatever they are,in a very derogatory voice.

favorite board member bias remarks

a little list of complaints i have herd from other residents concerning a boardmember actions. Mind you i took written action to have this boardmember removed due to their conduct, the board must have overwhelming thought it was fine though
which was the most outlandish remarks made by a board member to a shareholder/resident. this is just a start, as i have time will post the plenty more.

1. Telling a shareholder they were not allowed to have the Mezuzah attached to their front door , that it had to be removed.