optonline internet very slow

my cable connection has really slowed down.
i ordered boost last month for the free trial.
for a while it was great. i was getting over 30megs download. i was faster than anyone in the area, including fios. This surprised me.
however the last week the connection slowed to a crawl, did some testing with ool and they are dispatching tomorrow.
i am always surprised how many people pay for speeds they don’t get.
verizon dsl really screwed me over last year. they scammed me on the try dsl free. i went to cancel within the allotted time and turns out the verizon salesperson had lied extensively to me. They told me the conversation was being recorded. so i though i was ok. turns out they was no taped conversation. i knew they couldn’t deliver the speeds they promoised , never let my cable expire, and used the dsl maybe two times, just to test the speeds. since it was half as fast as the optonline regular service, it wasn’t worth the hassel to use the dsl. i followed up as far as i could. i was going to bring them to small claims court, but had too many personal items going on. it was more the principle of them scamming the customer. they use contracted salesman that promise you anything to get a sale , when you go to terminate your service within the free period, you find out that it was not 90 days, it was 30 days. i don’t think i even hooked up .
i tried to get the first dsl in this building. i measured the cable impedance and had the cable records corrected. i worked for verizon at the time and i installed dsl, and specialized in cable maintenance.
I doubt anyone in this building is getting what they are paying for with verizon dsl.
i was surprised that boost was faster than verizon fios.