prior contractors dump their construction debris in the walls and in the ceiling, they are paid to carry it out.

i had a leak aboe my bathroom ceiling lastweak. it was nighttime when u returned home and notived water coming out from cracks in thr vertivle wall.

manny came out and busted the ceiling ipen, we were greeted by a load of tiles , unbriken 4×4  and a load of construction debris. none of this stuff should have been in my ceiling. the plasterers worked for a full day in the bathroom, tey said thyhad to plaster above thethey tub, eventhough the leak was abive the sink, seems all the construction debris thatwas dumped there by orior contractors, added to the wet conditiond from the leak , caused the eiling tio bevery weak and needed a ful plasterjob..
in out contracts with the trdesmen, they are supposed to remove from the building all materials.  we pay for this. They are not suppose  to dumpo it in between the walls and floors, to make their life easierand get paqid for work they  didn’tperform. There is also a hazard that they cause, if tise tiles landed on my head, that is not a normal part of a leak, that will be pursedin the courts, so i hope the BOD id checking the insurance certificates very closely of the workers. There are plenty of scams with thesecopys of insurance papers.  The co-operator has a whole section on them.
So wehave contractors that are stealing from us by not removing their debris, plus caisng a haxard that the building/co-op will be liable for.
next we end up paying the plastersa lot more money, since the contractures before made their job muc harder and more time consuming.
The contracors that dumped all theirr garbage in the walls , may have not been thre plumbers that came to fix the leak this time.
which ever contracter that did the inter wall dumping/inter floor dumping, should never be allowed to worrk here again.
 i wonder if it was the bunch that left my door, and no one in the apartement , wide open 3 times in one day.i will come back laterandfix the spelling and gramtcs, just wanted to get this posted