The scam and fraud of cooperative apartments in New York State=All due to the Albany corruption

NYS cooperative apartments are a scam and a fraud , all due to NYS attorney general’s office refusal to enforce or intervene in unlawful or illegal activity. we are talking criminal activity. The attorney general’s office has refused to intervene with . shareholders rights to financial transparency of their coop, telling them instead to hire a civil lawyer.
This refusal on all aspects of has result in 35 years of kickbacks,frauds, and embezzlement.
Sadly there are few people now a days that have the guts to step up and challenge corruption, It is an extreme sad state of affairs in NYS , where the Attorney General refuses to back up the lawful shareholder trying to stop fraud in its initial stage
Due to the AG and the Westchester county DA refusal to even make a phone call inquiry after written information concerning mortgage fraud is received.
The District attorneys and attorney generals office also make it incredible difficult for everybody, including the disabled to file a complaint.


First cooperator apartment scam after conversion “asbestos removal”

When the conversion process was completing in the 1980’s, the AG had the sponsor increase the reserve fund, or a fund with a similar purpose.

That was quickly spent down statewide on this elaborate asbestos cleanup operation that most people have forgotten about. The asbestos abatement people all seemed to be from Ecuador. I don’t know how they received all this specialized training, the price the coops paid was extreme. I am sure the price the workers were paid was pennies on the thousands.

It would be interesting to see where the asbestos workers are today, and how many were working under fake identification and immigration paperwork.

Why is the  NYS Governor allowing the Attorney General’s Office to not uphold the cooperative apartment state laws?

Is This More ALBANY graft?



co-op apartments in NY state= Zero protection by the AG and westchester DA for ALL violations of the co-op laws.

If you are buying a co-op, you are the one who should be interviewing and checking out the board members individual due diligence and involvement in the operation of the building.   If  there are seat warmers on the board , who really do nothing more than what they are told to do and have no idea of their duty to the shareholders. You do not want  board where items including contractors insurance are not properly checked by the board members , and instead left up to the managing company.

If the board is not a subscriber to, or doesn’t know of the 2 major magazines which inform the readers of  the recent legal cases, liability issues,  case law , and frauds and scams  and how to spot and avoid them, They are not a  proper board and most likely there is self dealing ,  fixed voting, and probably a whole lot worse.

The attorney general, who approved the conversion plan,  Westchester’s DA will not intervene  or get involved if there is mortgage fraud , Retaliation by board members, who have  fraudulent tickets  issued  and identity theft , both from info in the coop files.  This is because you stood up for newer shareholders  who were being skipped and the board pres and vice pres were assigning  parking spaces to their non share-holder  children , bypassing all waiting  shareholders, some waiting over 10 years.

A family of grifters  who in  full cahoots with the  management company assign the wife and daughter of  the  people running for the board as the election  official for 20 plus years. 

The vice president who never paid sublease fee’s for about 25 or 30 years= about $30 grand,  That is a educated guess since I have nor been allowed to see the finances , even though I should be and have attempted to multiple times.    Inspecting the finances is listed as one of my rights as a shareholder in the proprietary lease.

I have gained that knowledge by looking at ex board members  treasury reports, which list who is paying sublease fee’s.

So do a lot of home work, and talk to someone that has actually read the proprietary lease and by-laws , and keeps up on co-op law and scams by reading the cooperator and the habitat magazine, both available online for free.

using the forms passed out from last year’s annual meeting the owner occupancy ratio is between 52% to 67% ,, not the 95% or 90% the new buyers were told

remember i am disabled and typing  is hard with tremors in my fingers from the meds, i can only do what i can do.

I try and get my point across, if you want to email me put hawleyterrace in the subject line, no space and it will be filtered to my inbox  mikepiedell at      remember hawleyterrace 

think i threw in 6  extra owner occupied apartments to make it 37  owner occupied out of 59 apartments, the supers apartment  is not counted .Even with 6 added the % of owner occupied is  63%.   With 31 it is 53% owner occupied both , a far cry from 90%  or 95 %. I do not know who told the buyers this info, but thre last buyer bought from a Bank,  The owner ocupied perectage is huge when it coes to buying a coop.

The non owners, cannot vote, attend meetings, so they are not a cohesive force working for the good of the building.. The Board has let this building turn back into a rental building.  Some board members are buying up apartments to rent out some even were asking about a owner occupied apartment,  statig that it has to be owner for 2 years before one can rent out an apartment that is not supposed to be rented out.
The rules on unsold shares are not being followed, owner of unsold shares is supposed to have 10 years of Maintenance to put in escrow and be bonded, it actually still show  that on the AG site, A  memo concerning this, not anybody can be a buyer of unsold shares, they need to show and escrow money backing the maintenance for years.
There are a couple that are were looking like not owner occupied. Stopping in for a week or r living in florida and coming up twice a year is not owner occupied, They have no idea on what is going on here, and the president of the board does his best for zero transparency.Using an apartment for a art studio and living next door , is not owner occupied.  It is great they have a good studio close by to work, add i am all in favor of art,but one has to live in the apartment as their primary residence.
The  President of the co-op who states many times that  he will self deal  in the last 4years of meetings when i called him on his self dealing, it occurs in all aspects from parking spaces in the garage to the mount of space his family occupied in the storage room.  That was until he had a 40 yard container, well full size demolition container placed for a month on the premises to carry away his and some others unwanted stuff.. This is the third time a container has been paid for to remove left property.  The managing agent is clearly not doing his job, and the money should come out of their pocket, not the coops.
I have pictures that i will post, of the container being filled with bags of leaves and regular and other items we pay the city of Yonkers for removal. i am sure it is less that 1 cents  on the dollar compared to the 40 foot container. Even using the container to self deal by using cooperative monies to cart away his garbage, It has sat there for over 7 years that he and his wife, the shareholders , have moved out.  3 days would have been the max time, 30 days  is more fraud and theft of shareholder funds.  The rest of the board is obliviously not doing their fiduciary duties to the shareholders by letting this occur.  This also happened with the staircase rebuilding.  A 2 week job became about 9 months, a pile of dirt  and the main entrance for many people closed.
This also happened  about 2 weeks after Bernie Madhoff  turned himself in. Next the stock crashed, and our moneys should not even be on money markets now.
I have always  been very suspicious ans worried that our coop funds are being nixed with the president business monies , through a couple of round the bout moves to hide the real loss of the monies.
  The treasurer who has never lived in the building. but The president states he does live with his 40 year cols son in a 1 bedroom. Since the president tells his sheep, i mean board what to do, All correspondence goes through him. Since the treasurer cannot be questioned by the shareholders , since they cannot reach him, and it is a given that the other  sheep/ board members do not do their fiduciary duties to the shareholders and never have from what i have seen.
Taping and video recording the annual meeting is the best thing i have ever done.
Mr president likes to play verbal bully, and loves the annual bully pulpit.
however with the tape i can place his statements and his Lies, because every-word out of his mouth  are statement he knows to be fraudulent and his table of sheep let him, where they could turn around hold a meeting and vote him off the board .  They should because some have licenses they need for employment, plus who would do business with someone that will not take a stand against a egomaniac that micro manges the monies, with zero transparency. That may likely cost them a hurt in their livelihood.  That means the same person would not  stop a job site if he saw a series of incorrect construction.  He would not have the backbone to stand up to the  contractors and foreman, who would brow beat him into submission. worked.   He would do as he does on the board, nothing as the president caries on in a manner that will either garner court time or headlines, both will affect the livelihood of the people that need to be hired based on their  merits and name.
The Board must remember that  legally their total loyalty is to the shareholders of the building. None to the president and the managing company is an employee i would have fired 20 years ago.
Oh i forgot the daughter of the person that beat me was appointed election official that year, and counted the votes, and she just happens to be the wife of the president. so when he ran he won , and normally the board picks the president, but with the election official being a family member , there was a floor vote for president , and of course her husband won.
As always the above is my thoughts and opinion and practice of free speech as allowed under the Bill of Rights  of the USA.

2011 Audited financial report never received by resident shareholders of 1 Hawley Terrace co-op apartment nor the 2012

The audited financial reports should have been received by  March of the next year. The 2011 should have been received by March 2012.  The 2012 should have been received by March  2013. These time frames are written into the proprietary lease. Every shareholder that i saw and asked,there are not many left as the board and managing company is turning this co-op back into a rental said they had not received them. One person who is not familiar with all these reports was not sure. If  anyone has received them  i would really like to see it and see the 
postmark. This is not the tax filing forms that we did receive stating the real estate taxes and interest in shares.

So in a nutshell, the Treasurer has been fraudulently stating that he lives in the building,  and never has,nor should he have been allowed to buy two apartments and not occupy them. this is over 10 years post conversion. He did some self dealing to skip shareholders waiting 10 plus years for a upstairs parking space for his daughter..
the FULL board is aware of this fraud,  I have brought this up at the annual meetings. The treasure refuses to provide his true contact info , and remains unreachable.