digital TV house antenna

i am surprised at how many people do not realize that we have had a working rooftop antenna on the building that is wired into every apartment.
That jack in the living room can be accessed via a sub $5 antenna cord from radio shack.
i have been using it for the last 15 plus years, since i got rid of cable tv.
the antenna provided all network tv channels 2,4,5,7,9.11.13 and maybe more uhf.
the signal was as good as cable tv’s .
Naow that the digital trnasgression has changed the building need to get a adapter to provide digital TV to the building.
it basically is the same as a set top converters , but for the whole building.
i know a lot of people in these tough economic times don’t want to give cablevision money they don’t have to. if your interested in HBO and sports you need cablevision or FIOS ( another post).
however if you just like to watch network TV at no charge, like the old days , and use netflix or streaming movies for everything else, the rooftop antenna is great.
I get the feeling that the co-op managing board may be against the cost of converting the antenna, i think the price would be under $500, or i should say , SHOULD be under $500.
In NYC the tenants can request a rent decrease since the landlord is now providing less service.