Bedbug-sniffing dogs are raising doubts for some | Seattle Times Newspaper

To clarify, there are no cases of bedbugs in this coop, the reason  i have been posting all the links and info is knowledge is the most important way  of keeping them away.
There have been cases reported in nyc where exterminators have been milking the apartment owners for thousands of dollars, with no relief.
 unscrupulous Exterminators can use the bedbug scare as their guaranteed  income fund. Coop can get scammed out of thousands a month, and in our case that is a big problem as our BOD has never done their due diligence on any matters that i have brought to their attention, Our managing company  IMO should have been replaced  long ago, the rooftop waterproofing  as the final straw.   Over 25 years as the managing agent and they either never opened the door to walk around and inspect the roof or waited until it was a big  multi thousand job to give to one of their contractor friends.
Home & Garden | Bedbug-sniffing dogs are raising doubts for some | Seattle Times Newspaper