i need to fax over the info on the ceiling and ice buildup at base of Odell stairs

going to get a couple faxes out to the managing agent concerning the ceiling filled with tiles and the ice build up at the bottom of Odell stairs, the spot where there is no handrail.  i fell last week on black ice at this spot.  i was very,very lucky i landed on my finger tips in a yoga like position. incredible luck, i wont say i have the reflexes of el gato, i was damn lucky, my fingertips stung from the impact, but i kissed them and went looking for ice melt in the main garage.  i don’t believe in ignoring a hazard for anyone else. the 2 buckets i found were almost empty, maybe a total of 4 oz of rock salt.  i used that and put the two empty  buckets on the location, so at least people will get a warning that  something is going on there. I am going to fax over to the managing agent and specify it gets distributed to every BOD member  that day.  There should be containers of sand or ice melt to throw in front of you along the path and at the stairs. 
This way the liability is on the board members, the insurance company for the building will not exempt the board members if members  have been prior notified and they did nothing, same with the managing company. At least that is what i have read on the co-op lists. These holes could have been patched  in less than 30  minutes. Portland cement is the generic name.  We used a type of this stuff to build dams and V around manholes we were working in.
it is easy and cheap, just add water. The holes in the garage were not fixed for over a year. I have the pictures posted with the dates. This same crap work is why we were accessed the roof  fees, it is simple and cheap to cover temporarily.  That is what a home owner would do, especially on a roof  that is flat, easily accessible , with a full size door. However it is more money for  some people , such as the the big water proofing company and maybe??  This roof was  ignored for over 25 years with  probably 7 or more different managing agents.
That IMO was the proof that our managing company screwed the share owners big time and has not done the job we have paid them to do. 
 i worked in this field with telco cables, so i know this game.