new free memo service JOTT

there is anew service that has come out of beta, there is still a free part of it they may be good for the building and neighborhood.
basically you join JOTT via their home page, it is free.
i have established a group called onehawleyterrace.
i think once you join the service i can add you to the group, you decide what number or email is used.
i use grand central another free service, that gives a free number that you can use to direct your phone calls.
once jott member become a member of one hawley terrrace, they can txt or email everyone in the group.
i was thinking of using this for times when someone smells smoke and is wandering around the building trying to see if it is outside or inside, everyone that is part of the group would get the message.
it could be used for a lot of building or neighborhood things.
it might be a way to stop the car break ins.
JOtt was free , but now the free portion is limited so i don’t know how well it will work out, only way to find out is to try