why was our beautiful flower garden destroyed

The new steps so far look nice, but the flower, plants and shrubs that were destroyed is a real shame.
There were many times i walked up the steps and i would stop and admire the flowers and the design of the landscape, it was really nice and it upgraded the decor of the building quite a bit.
It showed that someone cared. It showed that someone was interested in the building and making it look nice.
Compared to the decrepit stairs it really saved the buildings aesthetics
i will write a post about the stairs soon
i hope i have some pictures of the landscape before the destruction.
if anyone has some please email them to me and i will post them here on the blog.
Looking at the area last night i could see no reason for the large scale destruction of the garden. The footprint of the stair area and the immediate area had to be dug up and removed. The area west of the stairs going towards warburton avenue was also dug up and destroyed. Last night it was being used as lumber, scaffolding and supply holding area.

there was a lot of work and shareholder expense put into that garden.
At the worst case all the plants, flowers and shrubs should have been placed in containers for transplant.
the reason for that large area to be destroyed has to be explained.
the expense and man hours to replace that garden is going to be high.
that was a beautiful landscape, i believe it was the best it has looked in the 25 plus years i have been living here.