president of Board state that he does not know what self dealing is, BOD remains silent, did not correct him,nor licensed MA

a couple of years ago i wrote a fax that highlighted self dealing,inside dealing by the president and vice president of the board of directors. The case in point was another long time shareholder, one of the few honest pre conversion share holders that fights fir what is right and in the written garage rulkes , whic were being blatemnly viloated my the presidet son and vice presdient drandson. the son had no claim on a indoor parking spot period. His grandmother and father gave ij a upstairs spot, bypqssinf sharehoolders who has been waiting fir 10 yeqs to move upstairs. The really appalling thing was that another long term shareholder who had also been on the board traded her spot with the son, which gave her a better spot. It just goes to show that some people have zero ability to say this is wrong.
myself and my other BOD member that pointed out the self dealing, we paid at least $8000 each out of our pocket, so that we would not be self dealing or inside dealing, in any shape or form.