where are the annual meeting minutes ?

i have been receiving the annual meeting minutes for as long as i can remember i believe since this building became a co-op.
The annual meeting minutes were mailed to every shareholder
i have not received this year 2008 minutes, nor have my neighbors .
i spoke to one of my neighbors this month who due to work wasn’t able to attend the meeting . He knew nothing about the hot budget error topic at the annual meeting. It was revealed a budget accounting error was made and a zero was dropped. This accounting error was about 8% of the yearly budget.
Many of the shareholders present at the meeting said they did not receive the yearly financial report. The financial report is also supposed to mailed to all shareholders well before the annual meeting.
After the meeting i got a copy from a neighbor, i haven’t gone through all my paperwork yet to see if i received the original mailing, i haven’t been very good this year at keeping up with filing my paperwork.
i don’t throw co-op paperwork out though, next i will post the garage space rules.
I am amazed at how little information has been given to the new shareholders. .