missing items in official mailed 2009 minutes

I want to clarify when I used the terminology cooking the books somewhere in this blog. Since I don’t have access to any of the books, I use that term relating to the annual meeting minutes.
The last couple years has had quite a bit missing from the minutes, items that were important and relative to the operation of the co-operative, but contrary to what the board president want made public. I say board president since i doubt the board voted on what was to be in the minutes. Maybe i will be proved wrong, time will tell.

I will follow up on this as i come across my other notes, I have been busy catching up on my stuff. I was hoping I would find some other people in the building that would look into their biggest investment. I will follow up in my own time frame, I am not selling,I have no hurry. If I was a seller I would be researching what I have written in the preceding posts and if true take action to correct, I have a feeling the banks aren’t going to be giving mortgages to co-ops with under 80% owner occupied.

The spelling and sentence structure on the following is going to be poor, I have been meaning to get this on the blog for moths, but am way behind in my projects.

The building manager stated he doesn’t use a recording device to ensure the correctness of the annual minutes, he stated he never has. However I remember seeing a recording device being placed on the table in the 2008 annual meeting, that was the meeting where June , vice president of the BOD went off on a tangent about the Jews and other religions and how they don’t do things the way everybody else does. I think the recording device was deep sixed after that meeting as they didn’t want evidence of her opinions on the Jewish religion.
For the record , I wrote a letter to the BOD to have June removed from the BOD due to her prejudicial anti gay remarks she made against a previous BOD member. Her fabrication of complaints in my name and Her self dealing with providing parking spaces to family members that weren’t eligible.
Her son in law, the BOD president, did not recluse himself from this meeting or these issue, whereas his children were beneficiary of the parking space in question
If I had known they did not want an accurate transcript of the annual meeting I would have taped the 2009 minutes myself. 2010 will be a different story, I will make sure there is an accurate recording.

I requested that the board members contact information be either posted or included on the memos or in the minutes , one board member, stated she refused to have her contact information made available to the shareholders. The rest of the seated board was mute, my request did not show up in the annual minutes. It is a pretty apathetic building where the shareholders let the board of directors carry on like this. We always had the contact information for all board members included in the memos and annual reports. But this was back when we had transparency and the board members lived in the building.

in the written minutes it states that FIOS will come to the building next year, however the board president stated in the meeting that it would be 2 years.

I asked if any other members of the board of directors had business relationship with barhite and holzinger or were investors in the bank that john holzinger is on the BOD. There were approx three BOD missing from the annual meeting. I never received that answer and that never made it to the minutes.

there were also people present making comments against some of my questions. I had not seen some of these people before, and since many apartments have been illegally sublet, I am not sure if they were shareholders. I still am looking into this.

If you are not a shareholder, you are not allowed to be in the discussion at the annual meeting. The board knows who the shareholders are, we the shareholders do not. The board of directors has allowed so many apartment to be illegally occupied, that every apartment sold in the last 10 plus years has to be looked at , to see who the shareholder is and who is living there.

One of the board members is not a resident of the building and is not a shareholder. A couple of the other board members were not shareholders when placed on the board. Since there is no transparency, and since there are so many proprietary lease sublet violations is impossible for a shareholder to tell shareholder from illegal subtenant.

I noticed in this years minutes when it was my turn to be vilified, that I was mentioned by name three times , and the people who spoke against me from the floor were not identified, they were referred to as “others”, or “many others” . when I contest the minutes I will want the names of the “others” since the minutes are not accurate without this information.
and contrary to what the board president and manging agent say , that the annual meeting is not the place to discuss such things, it is the shareholders only time and place to address issues that have been reported but are still unresolved. Key word is reported to the BOD.
In the 2008 annual meeting an issue concerning the lack of space in the storage room for new residents was brought up. In reality the board presidents family has about 80 percent of the storage room occupied by their stuff.
The board president and wife no longer live in the building. He doesn’t list his address as in Yonkers. Pretty unneighborly to be clogging up the storage room when you don’t live here.