summary of our original bldg co-op mortgage and the last refinance, we refinanced approx 2 years early ,paid a prepayment penalty and got a higher rate

when we went co op in 1983 we had a 10 year mortgage,ending in 1993, our principle  due was $212,000
this recent mortgage we got in 2008  we gto approx 2 years early,  the existing mortgage was due in 2010.  we paid  15k in prepayment penalties, 39k in refinancing cost and  $3200 for the line of credit of 100k plus we have to keep  a 25k balance in The Westchester Bank .This same bank our president of our coop is an investor in and the owner of the management company  is on the board of the bank . The president who set the whole thing up and never kept the other directors informed  let the other board members know on the night he pushed the mortgage through, that he was an investor., and by law he should have recluse  himself, i doubt he did, not that it mattered, since they are all puppets and do what he says.
this new mortgage is for 1,200,00 at 6.25 for  7 years and the line of credit of 100k is at 1% above the banks prime rate for term of the loan.

 the previous mortgage due april 1 2010 was for $737,675 at 5.875%

why am i the only person in this building that thinks this is suspicious,
also in 2004 the managing agent had a $3000 operating  budget, this year he has a 30,000 operating budget.