Police catch dog walkers in the playground

Good work to whoever called the police and got the interaction with the dog walkers in the playground last night . It looked like they may actually do something with this reoccurring problem. I had called many times myself, and the police did finally catch a couple people in there. However, the dog walkers came back the next day and night, the same people whom the police had snagged in the playground. This was particular annoying since it took over 6 phone calls to the police department and all those wasted dispatched where they arrive and the playground is empty. Finally, they catch them in the playground, and I saw the police talking to them for more than a couple minutes and the police going back and forth between the radio car and dog walkers. The next day the same dog walkers are back in the children’s playground.

Since then the number of dog walkers has steadily increased,

Good community work!

People that walk dogs in the children playground have no respect for the kids and parents.

Even if they clean up the poop, there is still left over and the dog pee is going to be all over everything. Childhood blindness can be caused by dog pee or poop.